Senior Scientist


Role Type

Job Title: Senior Scientist 

Line Manager: Head of Late Validation

Team: Perfusion Biology

Location: New York City, US

Contract: Permanent

We are looking for a talented and highly motivated senior scientist to join the Ochre Bio Team in NYC on an exciting journey to support the development of advanced RNA medicines for one of the most pressing healthcare challenges of our time. 

Ochre’s New York site is a highly unique organ perfusion lab that deep phenotypes human livers perfused on machines, to study their responses to advanced RNA therapies. Deep phenotyping includes: tissue imaging, blood and tissue functional studies, single-cell sequencing, and precision-slice culture of liver biopsies. 

This role generates the data coming out of Ochre’s liver perfusion lab, in addition to supporting any mouse studies via CROs as part of the Late Validation function. You will be expected to rapidly optimise challenging assays, imaging, and omic outputs. You will report to the Head of Late Validation (the site head), working closely with the perfusion team to ensure robust data. 

This role will be based at Biolabs@NYU. At this time we cannot sponsor visas, so the ability to work in the USA is essential.  
Key Responsibilities
– Drive innovation by developing and executing state of the art phenotyping strategies (assays, histology, RNA and protein readouts)
– Lead the design and execution of experimental plans, actively participating in the perfusion workflows
– Analyse, review and interpret results
– Actively collaborate and communicate with other members of Ochre Bio across all three sites (US, UK & Taiwan)
– Record experiments according to maintain full traceability of all reagents and samples
– Support junior scientists in the lab
– Proactively contribute to the smooth running of the laboratory, including managing external suppliers and collaborators.
– Compile data decks on experiments, present data and conclusions to wider teamsLead/ participate in projects spanning all three sites (US, UK & Taiwan)
Qualifications & Experience
– PhD degree in a biological science
– Significant experience post-PhD (either in an academic or industry setting), in fast paced environments where you have been expected to rapidly produce, analyse and present results 
– Track record of scientific contributions including peer-reviewed first-author publications, patent applications, and/or presentations at major conferences  

– Prior experience in supervising / mentoring junior scientists
– Prior research experience  in liver biology 
Skills & Competencies
– Strong expertise with lab-based assays such as qPCR, western blots, immunofluorescence, cell-based assays and flow cytometryComfortable with omic’s such as proteomics, metabolomics and transcriptomics 
– Comfortable with histology (sample preparation and basic image analysis)
– Enhanced critical thinking skills Proactiveness in identifying and addressing issues
– Strong organisational skills, with the ability to coordinate multiple projects and prioritise tasks effectively
– Methodical approach to work and record keeping
– Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
– High-level of attention to detail
– Excellent interpersonal skills
– Embracing change – this is a fast-growing company and change is inevitable!  

– Ability to analyse and present data using R is highly desirable, and will be required on the job.
Cultural & Working Norms
The role requires behaviours that encourage thriving in the face of failures, summarised as Ochre’s three laws. 

– Clarke’s Law: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” (Don’t fear failure, be ambitious) 
– Murphy’s Law: “What can go wrong, will go wrong.” (You will fail, learn quickly) 
– Wheaton’s Law: “Don’t be a d*ck!” (Others will fail you, support them)

Apply now: Submit your CV and a 1-page cover letter clearly speaking to how you meet the required qualifications and experience. Successful applicants will require two contactable referees.
Submit your CV and a 1-page cover letter, outlining how you meet the required qualifications and experience.

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