genomic medicines

for transplanted livers

Proportions of populations living with harmful levels of liver fat

(Younossi et al, Hepatology 2016 )

Many donor livers are too unhealthy and so are discarded. A major reason for this is that many of these donor livers are just too fatty (a little like their owners). In fact, one in four of us live with harmful levels of liver fat. Ochre Bio develops genomic medicines to rejuvenate these donor livers before transplant, so that everyone who needs a new liver gets one.


The best part is that these therapies can be used to treat non-transplant patients too. Not only is liver fat a major reason for discarding donor livers, it’s now the main reason for patients needing a liver transplant. Fatty liver disease contributes to more deaths each year than all cancers combined.

We use genomics to find and shut down over-active genes driving disease and then go directly to testing our therapies in discarded donor livers that we keep alive outside of the body.


Our approach makes us better, cheaper, and faster than traditional drug discovery

Ochre Bio is within the heart of Oxford’s biotech innovation hub. Our scientific roots can be traced back to over 15 years leading liver genomics research and experience in bringing advanced therapies to market.

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