Living Our Values: Announcing Ochre-Bio’s First Values Award Winners

Here at Ochre Bio, our values drive our team’s hard work in progressing meaningful therapies for patients with chronic liver disease. In such a difficult field we understand the importance of learning in the face of failure. Our Three Laws capture these values:

Clarke’s Law – Don’t fear Failure. 

Ambition goes hand in hand with urgency, thus when prioritizing ideas filled with great potential we aim to fail fast and boldly. Challenging ourselves and challenging science may not always work, and can help us to fail forward towards our goals and translates into the betterment of patient lives.

Murphy’s Law – You will Fail, get over it, learn and move on quickly. 

Problems are bound to occur, and here at Ochre-Bio, we have the grit to face all adversity with solutions, we plan with failure as a possibility. Having plan Bs to move on from failure presents opportunities for initiative and change, with plans to fail smart we help push our technology forward.

Wheaton’s Law – Others will Fail, help them. 

Prioritizing our collective mission of improving lives and livers globally is essential to us. Our success as a team ties directly with every failure as a team. Therefore we encourage our employees to speak uncomfortable truths with positive intent to help our team grow through open communication.

Curious to get context and learn more about our Three Laws and culture? Give ‘Ochre’s Three Laws’ a read to learn about the origin of our name and our values.

These values are of utmost importance to us with how we hire, promote culture, assess performance, and reward our employees – we are ultimately driving a culture of high scientific innovation with quick iteration and learning from our high-failure environment, all while having fun and ensuring everyone is working in a positive setting.

This quarter we are introducing our first peer-nominated awards in order to highlight and celebrate our employees and how they embody these values.

The awards went out to 4 winners: 

Robert Mart – Clarke’s Law

Robert, a Senior Scientist on the Lead Development Team amazed everyone with his ambitious work to develop bespoke software for managing oligo synthesis.

He received award nominations for all three values, but his ability to create a novel technology that impressed his co-workers while simultaneously managing his lab responsibilities demonstrated raw ambition. Congratulations Robert on winning the Clarke’s Law Award!

Cheng-Yuan Yang & Jacinta Tsao – Murphy’s Law

In life things twist, turn, and change resulting in the unexpected. In the event of a tissue supply shut down in Taipei due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Yang and Jacinta dropped everything they were doing to rapidly establish capacity for our Precision Cut Liver Slice models in the New York Lab.

We felt that just one winner would not be enough. Yang and Jacinta both embodied the principles of Murphy’s Law through their sacrifice of personal convenience, time, and familial responsibilities while also being required to undergo mandatory quarantine when returning to Taipei. Congratulations Yang and Jacinta on winning the Murphy’s Law Award!

Ana Cuervo – Wheaton’s Law

Ana, a Senior Scientist and part of our Validation team has tireless trained several team members as we scaled our Oxford Lab team. Her peers recognized her for being a great leader with glowing reviews, all while doing her own work of designing cellular assays for our therapeutic gene targets.

Her inclusivity, patience, and kindness, alongside her constructive feedback, were all recognized as aligned with the spirit of Wheaton’s Law. Congratulations Ana on your award!

We would like to once again thank everyone for truly living and embodying our values and being an inspiration to the Ochre-Bio Team.

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