Clinical Research Scientist (Surgical)


Role Type

Line Manager: Lead Clinical Research Scientist

Team: Perfusion Biology

Location: New York City, US

Contract: Permanent

We are looking for a talented and highly motivated surgeon with interests in drug research to join the Ochre Bio Team in NYC on an exciting journey to support the development of advanced RNA medicines for one of the most pressing healthcare challenges of our time. 

Ochre’s New York site is a highly unique organ perfusion lab that deep phenotypes human livers perfused on machines, to study their responses to advanced RNA therapies. Deep phenotyping includes: tissue imaging, blood and tissue functional studies, single-cell sequencing, and precision-slice culture of liver biopsies. 

This role will manage the logistics of donor liver supply, to surgically prepare livers for extended normothermic perfusion, monitor the livers over the course of the perfusions in response to our therapies, and interact with the scientific teams by reporting results. You will be expected to innovate new models to study human liver biology over multiple days of perfusion. 

This role will be based at Biolabs@NYU.
Key Responsibilities
– Surgical benching of livers, monitoring of livers during perfusion, problem solving and responding to poor liver function, collecting samples, and preparing  samples for phenotyping
– Developing models and protocols to study various aspects of human liver biology over multiple days of perfusion on normothermic perfusion devicesInterpretation and reporting of liver phenotyping data including tissue imaging, blood and tissue readouts (e.g. markers of liver health and function) Interacting with our collaborators
– Contribute to the smooth running of the lab, sample management workflows, and compliance with all health and safety protocols
– Responsible for liver supply logistics ensuring adequate number of livers received 
– Maintain progress in personal and professional development to better domain, technical, and professional skills 
Qualifications & Experience
– MD/DO degree or international equivalent
– 2-3 years of surgical training (residency training is adequate)Knowledge of liver anatomy and physiology and the pathophysiology of common hepatic disorders/diseases and their management
– Strong clinical experience in direct patient care to inform interpretation of data from a clinically relevant perspective
– Enhanced critical thinking skills and proactiveness in identifying and addressing issues
– Strong organisational skills, with the ability to coordinate and prioritise tasks effectively 

– Licensure strongly desirable
– Experience in liver transplant or hepatopancreaticobiliary surgery
Skills & Competencies
– Excellent interpersonal skills, and ability to build trust and work collaboratively in a dynamic team
– Highly organised, with a methodical approach to work 
– Ability to manage multiple tasks concurrently to tight deadlines and ever-changing priorities
– Highly data literate and able to clearly present results Ability to learn quickly and open to do things they haven’t done before 
– Embracing change – this is a fast-growing start-up and change is inevitable!  

– Experience with ex vivo normothermic machine perfusion is desirable, but not expected
– Full training will be provided 
Cultural & Working Norms
The role requires behaviours that encourage thriving in the face of failures, summarised as Ochre’s three laws. 

– Clarke’s Law: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” (Don’t fear failure, be ambitious) 
– Murphy’s Law: “What can go wrong, will go wrong.” (You will fail, learn quickly) 
– Wheaton’s Law: “Don’t be a d*ck!” (Others will fail you, support them)  

Apply now: Submit your CV and a 1-page cover letter clearly speaking to how you meet the required qualifications and experience. Successful applicants will require two contactable referees.
Submit your CV and a 1-page cover letter, outlining how you meet the required qualifications and experience.

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