Breaking the Silence

Quin Wills on ending liver disease as a silent killer.

cellular senescence
beta oxidation
de novo lipogenesis
ER stress
intrinsic apoptosis
glucose metabolism


At Ochre Bio, we’re developing therapies for the biggest liver health challenges, from increasing donor liver supply to reducing cirrhosis complications. We're obsessive about...

Deep phenotyping livers at scale…

And designing precision RNA therapies to reprogram them…

To regenerate human livers outside the body.


Chronic liver disease is the only top ten global killer on the rise

"Liver disease is the third leading cause of premature death." UK Health Security Agency, July 2021

Without effective therapies, the only resort for many patients remains a liver transplant. However the supply of healthy donor organs cannot meet what’s required, with minorities disproportionately disadvantaged. 

Jack O’Meara on how improving outcomes for liver transplant patients is a first step towards treating chronic liver disease 

European Health for All database.  Data missing in 2000.


Built on decades of leading genomics and drug development experience, Ochre’s scientific teams are committed to making healthy livers available for patients everywhere.

We named Ochre Bio in honour of Nobel laureate, Sydney Brenner, for his remarkable scientific creativity. He passed away in 2019, the year Ochre was founded. We are a team who live by Clarke’s, Murphy’s, and Wheaton’s laws.


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